Hotel Terra-Rooms, Miris Garden

Nina Avdalyan, Ivane Gvencadze, Gvantsa Margiani, Ana Kubetsia
The University of Georgia

Idea projektu

Located near Starigrad, one of the oldest Croatian villages, A red tinted earthy hotel is growing out of the local cliff landscape garden, prezerving the authenticity of the place by mimicing the natural folds and sharp edges of the area, while, creating it's own storyline by morfing through it's multiple terraces, overlooking the sunny coastline.
Cladded with the local plaster, accopanied by the ever tranforming nature of its shape, the hotel hosts locals, as well as foreign guests all year round. it provides spaces and activities for all groups of people, consisting of various interactive areas and rooms or visitors to get to know each other, spend some alone time or just have fun the way they want it, a blend of science and art, creating rooms that’s welcoming, whilst making them feel special. The five layers of storeys consist of 114 rooms of three types : 1- small - 25 sq.m. room -a small bedroom for a single person or a couple, a small bathroom; 2. standard - 35 sq.m. room -a standard sized bedroom for a couple, with a studio type kitchen, a small bathroom; 3. lux - 50 sq.m. room - a big room for 2-3 people, with a separate bedroom, a loungind area and a studio type kitchen with the dinning area, a bathroom. 91 of the rooms are small sized, 15 are standard and 8 are lux ones.

Popis projektu

Terra-rooms consists of for sharp planes rotating on top of each other on the same axis, alowing them to naturally form terraces and layered views for one another. the building orientation and the way the faces are angled was decided on in sake of the maximum surface area with the ocean views and natural sunlight peaking through.

Technické informace

being fully constructed with mass timber, using glt for contruction parts, clt for ceilings, floors and walls and finished with the local limestone coating, the building is not only extremely eco-friendly and sustainable, but also prefabricated, which means the assembly of building and its components at a location other than the building site. The method controls construction costs by economizing on time, wages, and materials. Prefabrication also permits building throughout the year, regardless of the weather. Less disruption to surrounding environment on-site. this kind of modular prefabrication is the most sustainable way to build, reducing waste by 80% when compared to traditional construction.


ZONE 3, hotel and carpark

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