Croatia Project

Oberon McIntyre
Tamalpais high school
Spojené státy americké

Idea projektu

My goals are to bring back some older styles from the past. for example for the boardwalks I wanted to reimagine them as these areas where people could mourn their boats, fish, or just relax while looking at the sea.

Some of these images are not hand drawn but are just to show what I was going for and how I intend to accomplish it.

At first, I intended to design the marina with lots of detail but unfortunately, I got too caught up in the other designs to complete the marina.

Popis projektu

My project designs include a Roman-styled marina, a restaurant, a cafe, and also some boardwalks.

Technické informace

The marina would be made of white stone bricks, red clay shingles, and some dark wood.
The restaurants would be made of normal materials such as wood, stucco, and stone tiles.
The boardwalk would be mostly comprised of the same materials as the marina, wood, stone, and cement.

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