Tran Bao Phong, Dao Xuan Long
Hanoi Architectural University

Idea projektu

The project includes a main building block and a parking lot in the east. The building consists of two commercial blocks, curved by the site's contour lines and connected by a central circle.

Popis projektu

Because the resort's development will have an influence on the surrounding area, our team opted to design the project in a biophilic approach to assist reduce the impact on the natural environment. This will allow guests to the resort feel more connected to nature and also a good starting point for exploring adjacent locations such as the ancient village of Starigrad or the Paleknica National Park.

Technické informace

Technical information: Large hard glass panes, wood, and steel bars are among the materials used in the construction. We also employ rainwater collection systems and solar panels on the toughened glass roof.


ZONE 4, commercial centre


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