Edu-Project Croatia Competition

Blerta Breznica, Fjolla Shala, Gentiana Bilalli, Rrezarta Hoti
University of Prishtina

Idea projektu

The concept of apartments is an amalgamation of selected case studies. The concept has started based on the characteristics of the regional architecture, terrain configuration, views and other conditions that are taken into account in the initial stages. The selected typology of the apartments is an object with a gallery, oriented towards the part with the highest intensity of the winds. This is as a result of the most suitable climatic conditions, and the visa factor. This object has a uniformity, a clear, compact form, suitable materials, since every element that has been used has a specific purpose. At the same time, taking into account the ground topography, space for parking and other accompanying functions is dedicated. Another important aspect of the concept is the framing of deep terraces, an element that creates privacy even in a tourist complex. In order to add to this value, the application of brisols (specific to Dalmatian architecture) has been considered, thus making the connection with the regional architecture. In addition to this, the application of bristles in the openings it filters the excess light and warmth during the summer. In order to create a connection and communication with nature, the contours of the floor are seen as a potential for the integration of a common space with seating. In order to further strengthen the sense of place and nature, the concept envisages that this space is not isolated by walls, physical separation, and that a visual connection is also created with the part behind it, a kind of visual permeability, with the integration of rocks from the location. While the residential functions are developed on the 2 upper floors, with optimization of views.

The concept of villas is fundamentally related to the idea of sections that enable privacy even within the villa itself. Consequently, the idea lies in integration, connecting the pavilions through vertical and horizontal communications. Each has its own function and works as
separate entities. The contours of the villas are related to a natural extension on the ground, defined on the basis of the views. The concept of private villas has been generated from numerous case study analyses, the multitude of special and prominent elements of each of them, and definitely the parallelism with the concrete location in Starigrad.
Responding to the undulating rocky terrain and approaches from the roads, the villas of this area create compositions of pavilions. Positioned in the part closest to the coast, the villas lie along roads that provide access for cars. Consequently, each villa has a dedicated parking space on its own plot, covered with shelter. In response to coastal conditions and prevailing winds, the roofs of the villas are raised at two points to weaken the wind that hits them directly from the north. In order to respect the coefficient of the green surface in relation to the built, the villas all have green roofs, an element that contributes to merging with the terrain.

Popis projektu

This facility is spread over 3 floors: ground floor, 1st floor and 2nd floor. Depending on the requirements of views, function, efficiency, privacy, winds, as well as the number of members that can be accommodated, the functions of the apartment on the floors are divided as follows:
1.1 Ground floor
There are two accesses on the ground floor: one through the stairs from the main road (pedestrian access) and the other through the car ramp (from the parking area). The floor rather as a separate function, is
space for intercommunication, connection to the residential floors, free time. To avoid obstructing the view of the landscape from the entrance from the street below, the vertical communication is physically separated from the rest, thus enabling a lateral connection to the elevated part of the site. Among other things, the part of the basement is e
enriched with a collective rest area, dedicated to enjoying drinks and sights in a comfortable atmosphere around a table together with visitors or other inhabitants of the apartments. During the day, soft light, reminiscent of the light that passes through shoji screens, filters through the shelter under which this space is inserted. From here you can
to enjoy the panoramic view of the sea, which is a perfect environment for holding various family and social ceremonies.
1.2 First floor plan
Vertical communication is located in an area that provides easy access to all residential units. Taking into account the climate, this communication does not need to be closed with walls, therefore the stairs are designed as open with partitions through brisols, an element that allows enjoying the views even when going up to the upper floors from the ground floor. The 1st floor contains the following types of residential units:
• studio apartment (studios)
• one bedroom apartment
• apartment with three bedrooms
Each of the units have sea views, as well as private balconies.
1.3 Second floor plan
Installations (installation walls) and vertical communication are carried from the 1st floor. Access to 2 units is provided through horizontal communication
other residences on this floor. As seen through the design
it has been attempted to fulfill the condition required for all types of housing, thus offering more solution options for visionaries, regardless of their number. The 2nd floor contains the following types of residential units:
• apartment with 2 bedrooms
• flat with 4 bedrooms
Each of the units have sea views, as well as private balconies.

2.1 Villa III
Villa III consists of three hotel-style bedrooms with private bathrooms and a shared kitchen-living room for shared activities. The transparency of the pavilions and common spaces invites residents to spend time together and enjoy the coastal backdrop, while the location of the villa within the plot allows panoramic views of the sea and the surrounding complex. During the colder seasons, guests can also enjoy the fireplace, which offers particularly beautiful views overlooking the waterfront. Except for the living spaces, all are connected to the swimming pool through vertical partitions (walls). Also at the entrance there is a parking space covered with a green roof. As illustrated through compositional axonometry, pavilions are differentiation of rooms. In the first pavilion, the activities of eating, resting, relaxing, living, cooking, and cleaning take place. In the second, third and fourth pavilions, sleeping and other follow-up activities take place.
2.2 Villa IV
It consists of four hotel-style bedrooms with private bathrooms and a shared kitchen-living room. All other elements remain the same and in the same ratio as in villa III, the only difference lies in the orientation of the openings, and due to the addition of a bedroom, the fireplace space is replaced with a new pavilion that accommodates a new bedroom. The same one is moved below next to the neighboring pavilion, in order to optimize the views of all the pavilions. The specific position of this villa in the situation has indicated the displacement of one of the pavilions in a different angle, thus applying the concept formula, in order to optimize the views with the view from the bank.
2.3 Villa V
It consists of five hotel-style bedrooms with private bathrooms and
a shared kitchen-living room. The area defined for the design of the villa due to the greater slope of the terrain requires the raising of the pavilions at a greater height from each other, consequently the addition of stairs to reach the entry points in these sections. Specifically, the position of villa V has conditioned the change of access to the villas, since the road is from above. The parking space is moved up, while all the pavilions go down to include the construction line. The vertical distance of each unit enables the creation of openings facing the coast and its maximum view, experiencing the panoramic view from each pavilion.

Technické informace

Zone 02 –
The apartment buildings consist of beams and columns
which can also be prefabricated in a skeleton frame. To merge the building in to the site we integrated massive stones that cover some columns, to visually give them supporting function. The living spaces are dominated by glass, to maximize the views and the connection with the outside environment and the coast, and as an additional element, wooden blinds are applied. The latter create a sense of privacy, break the homogenous nature of the entire composition and create a relationship with regional characteristics. Also, the whole building is covered with a local stone facade, with a gray/cream color that, in combination with the wood, creates a harmony of materials and colors. The application of stone also has a double meaning: the connection with the concept of villas, and the focus on Dalmatian architecture.

Zone 05 -
The prefabricated villas are raised up through the ground using pilotis, to preserve the nature of the location as much as possible. To differentiate between the pavilions, some of them are designed with prefabricated concrete walls, while other pavilions are designed with prefabricated stone walls wrapped by a reinforcing metal, thus expressing a kind of harmony between materials, colors, warmth and coldness. The facade of
the private villas applies local stone materials, with the integration of aged wooden blinds. The sloped green roofs merges naturally with the terrain. These applied materials, although they are local elements, nevertheless read as completely contemporary. The projects allow the application of contemporary design strategies that demonstrate changes in the application of local materials, prefabricated construction systems, modernization of forms and direct dialogue with the landscape without changing in front of its versatility and flexibility.


ZONE 2, three storey apartment buildings, (ground floor + 2 levels)

ZONE 5, private one storey villas


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