Urbanistický design a krajinářství


Kristína Poláková, Alexandra Kozaňáková, Tomáš Krajčovič
STU in Bratislava - Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Architecture

Idea projektu

Croatia has many hidden treasures that just need to be discovered. The surroundings of Starigrad have the potential to develop local tourism. The idea of the project is to create a high-quality and attractive holiday resort. The location of the resort is on a sloping terrain, and the goal of the design was to adapt the buildings to this terrain as much as possible. The resort consists of seven zones, each of which has a different function. The variety of accommodation units provides a greater reach on potential guests. The roads are designed so that the guests have the greatest possible comfort and do not obstruct the view. The resort offers several activities, mainly in the central part and around the marina. The orientation of the territory to the southwest adds value to the resort.

Popis projektu

The project includes the development of residential and villa zones, a commercial and community centre and a marina with a boat dock and a coastal walkway. The community centre contains various facilities and spaces such as: retail space, food and beverage outlets, café with bakery, mini-market, restaurant, management building, a coworking space, bar with swimming pool, a children's centre and a reception area. The community centre offers a great view to the marina and the sea, and is connected by a natural corridor to the Marina where are also restaurants, shops, kiosks on the promenade, a café, snack and ice-cream shops and public toilets. The promenade area and the coastal walkway offer areas for relaxation and sport. Along the edges of the coastal walkway, there is a boat docking area which only stretches along the promenade. It is designed in this way because the creation of longer piers would interfere with views of the defined points from the restaurant and marina facilities. Residential and villa houses serve the holidaymakers mainly during the tourist season. The villa houses are divided into 3 types- Villa House A, Villa House B and Villa House C, each type offers a slightly higher standard of accommodation, where Type C is the type with the highest standard and more features of the property.

Technické informace

To create similarity between the zones, we choose a module architecture. It brings multiple advantages. We wanted to follow the competition assignment and our own idealistic ideas. We wanted to keep up with affordable transportation and modular similarity between the zones and keep the construction process accessible. During the process, we came up with the optimal shape for our modular architecture. We decided to work with a block of size 2600 mm in width, 6000 mm in length and 2800 mm in height. The block can be easily used for prefabrication, small pieces secure low transportation costs and can be put together within a few hours. Furthermore, it can speed up the whole process of construction.

The buildings themselves were harmonically placed into the land. We were working with the shape of the plot, with the best possible views and orientations and the optimal building shapes. Due to the sloped and rugged landscape, every building provides unique views. The orientation and position of the Commercial centre and Marina focus on the valley, which creates some axis in the plot. We used this axis (valley) to create a natural view from the main road, and it warmly invites visitors to go through the whole resort down to the Marina. Private villas work with the shape of the plot in harmony; the vertical roads bring clean views. The roads which create the disturbing element are now secondary elements. With the apartment houses, we worked with a different idea. The original roads are naturally shaping this area. We created parallel roads, which slowly changed to vertical ones. The parallel roads bring easier logistics between single buildings and the whole resort. The camp zone was removed to preserve the views from the main road to the Marina. We decided not to create a new spot for the camp, keep the resort more natural and spacious, and keep nature as untouchable as we thought possible.


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