Kristína Poláková
STU in Bratislava - Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Architecture

Idea projektu

The project idea was to create functional and logical buildings that followed the competition assignment and my ideals. One principal idea was to keep the building process simple and logical. It affected the transportation ideal and also helped to create modular architecture. The transportation is supposed to be affordable and accessible from a logistic point of view—so smaller prefabrication pieces which will not be economically demanding. The size, shape and orientation of the unit were also affected by the sea and mountain views and by the shape of the plot.

Popis projektu

My focus was on correct analyses of the country's plot and nature around us. It all affected the design with the ideals I tried to implement into the designing process. Villa houses serve the holidaymakers mainly during the tourist season. The villa houses are divided into three types- Villa House A, Villa House B and Villa House C. Each type offers a slightly higher standard of accommodation, whereas Type C is the type with the highest standard and more property features. Every villa house has its private pool and parking space. Near the plot, entry is designed the concrete block, which serves for the informing the visitors which house it is and to which zone it belongs. It can be used for technical needs like water pipe system checks etc. The building consists of the central part, which focuses on the standard room, as additional units are considered private rooms. Every villa house provides unique views, private parking space, a private swimming pool and a natural feeling. The building tries not to interfere with the land, and as the plot boundary is used in nature, trees such as olive trees, bushes or different local plants and trees. Around the building will be plants such plants which repel the insect as lavender, lemon grass etc…The building is made of wood, which is considered an ecological material. Prefabricated panels can be made in a local wood workshop and easily transported to the site.

Technické informace

To create similarity between the zones, we choose a module architecture. It brings multiple advantages. We wanted to follow the competition assignment and our own idealistic ideas. We wanted to keep up with affordable transportation and modular similarity between the zones and keep the construction process accessible. During the process, we came up with the optimal shape for our modular architecture. We decided to work with a block of size 2600 mm in width, 6000 mm in length and 2800 mm in height. The block can be easily used for prefabrication, small pieces secure low transportation costs and can be put together within a few hours. Furthermore, it can speed up the whole process of construction.
Following the competition assignment, Villas keep all functions as any cottage or house. The prefabrication, with piles of the establishment of buildings, was the priority. Private villas work with the shape of the plot in harmony; the vertical roads bring clean views. The roads which create the disturbing element are now secondary elements.


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