Dmitrii Burykin, Marie Kobets

Idea projektu

The project is located on the Adriatic coast of Croatia, near the city of Zagreb. In order to create a unique architectural image of the hotel, the historical development of Croatia and its trends in modern architecture were analyzed. In order to create a unique form of the hotel, the traditional croatian architecture and its trends in modern architecture were analyzed. Also, we used AI that showed the most popular images of national architecture and hotel design. The results were used as an analog series. We have identified several features of Croatian architecture that we have tried to rethink in a new way in our project.

Popis projektu

Our main task was to rethink the type and style of recreation that suits a modern person. We have combined the comfort and aesthetics of luxury hotels together with the picturesque, slightly wild nature. The exterior outlines of the building were inspired by a shell, and the inner hall was inspired by a shellfish living in it. The "shellfissh" has algorithmically generated vague shapes connecting all functional blocks, and resembles a grotto or cave with an abundance of water and plant life. First of all, this space symbolizes the connection of human life with nature and should cause a sense of peace and relaxation.
Water is an integral part of the hotel project. The design is aimed at buffering rainwater and minimizing the amount of drinking water used and the amount of wastewater produced. This not only saves natural resources, but also cools the hot summer air, increasing the comfort level of the hotel.
The unique design of the hotel will increase competitiveness and will be an unforgettable pleasant memory for its guests.

Technické informace

There are 85 rooms. All of them with sea view. There are 6 double-floor rooms. Facades made from white stucco mono material.


ZONE 3, hotel and carpark

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