The Sea as a Visual

Lenka Kostić
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade, Serbia

Project idea

The project is located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea on the outskirts of Starigrad, near the center of wider northern Dalmatia, Zadar. Through site research, some of the problems facing the city were identified. One of the problems is not using the maximum potential of the site in terms of renewable energy. The area covered by the site lies on a significant slope to the south, which makes it extremely suitable for using the sun to generate electricity. By using this potential, the energy development of the city, which the whole of Croatia strives for, would be achieved at the same time, but there is no potential for this everywhere. However, the main problem that the project aims to solve is the pouring of untreated waste water directly into the Adriatic Sea, making it inaccessible and unsuitable for use in some places. This problem rises the question how to make the location attractive, if the potential of the water in terms of using the beaches for swimming and water activities would be excluded. In this sense, we can talk about the sea as a visual aspect of the area, rather than exclusively a summer attraction, as in this area the colder months are accompanied by strong storms and rainy days. This way, the problem of poor use of the location in other periods of the year, which are not closely related to the traditional vacation concept, is simultaneously solved. Through this approach, the concept of the sea as a visual is formed, in which the connection between the mountain on one side and the sea on the other side of the location is realized, as well as summer and winter, in the sense of overcoming obstacles by using the sea throughout the year, but as an observational element at designing. The main goals of this concept are to enable a specific view of the sea from every point of the location.

Project description

The project responds to the task of the competition by solving mainly two types of architectural objects of different contents, designed in the same manner in the form of architectural design based on the rocky terrain. The leading criteria was to form a move of a certain typology that follows the configuration of the terrain, while maintaining an adequate measure of privacy, depending on the needs of the user. The planned facilities include private villas and a marina (Lungo Mare), along with a hotel zone. Following the disposition of the terrain, the characteristics of the concept and the design possibilities, the arrangement of the contents on the site was determined, so that the private villas are located closer to the marina and the sea, while the hotel is easily accessible for a larger number of visitors from the main street that passes directly above the site in question. The architecture of the buildings tends to fit into the terrain, it is not high-rise, but develops in length. There are two types of private villas - the first type of villa has a capacity for 4 people, while the second type has space for 6. Each villa is designed with a pool overlooking the sea, protected partitions on both sides of the villa for privacy. The internal organization of the rooms is such that the day area is located on the ground floor and opens directly onto the yard and pool, while the night area is located on the first floor, also with a view of the sea. The service rooms, garage and access to the villas are located on the opposite side and have a view of the mountain range. When it comes to the marina, the coastal part follows the natural terrain with minimal changes for better shaping. Next to the marina are accompanying facilities with restaurants, storage areas for equipment and temporary facilities in the form of stands. The hotel has two types of accommodation units, the reception and the restaurant, so that each content inside the hotel complex is separated, in order to encourage the movement of users.

Technical information

The construction of the villas is made of concrete; facades are a combination of concrete and glass.


ZONE 5, private one storey villas

ZONE 6, marina


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