Ondřej Duda
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Česká Republika

Idea projektu

The design concept of the marina is based on the shape of the slopes forming the bay. The slopes of both sides of the bay meet to form a valley, which is preserved in its original form and creates an access from the resort centre to the marina. in the heart of the marina is created a pleasant place surrounded by nature suitable for meeting or sitting with a drink on the seating stairs descending into the sea.

Popis projektu

The main two buildings are located on opposite slopes of the bay, parallel to the slopes. Thanks to the green roofs, they are inconspicuous when viewed from above and do not disrupt the views of the sea from the rest of the resort. At the same time, the buildings form a barrier from the busy promenade to the quiet accommodation. The west-facing building includes restaurant, bar and cafe. On the opposite side of the bay is a building with a yacht shop, a water sports equipment rental, a diving centre, a clothing shop, 11 accommodation units and warehouses.

The port consists of a total of three piers for mooring. Two piers are dedicated to residents, one pier to visitors. The piers are designed to enclose the bay and protect the moored boats. Smaller boats can be moored along the shore of the bay. There are storage areas for resident boats near the entrance to the marina and the entrance to the water.

The promenade is designed to serve the needs of all age and interest groups staying in the resort. The northwestern part is dedicated to active activities, especially for young people and families with children. On the other hand, the southeastern part is designed for undisturbed relaxation. It is suitable for walks through breathtaking nature and offers private places to sit or lie down.

Technické informace

The load-bearing structures are made of recycled concret. Facades are made using concrete, local limestone and corten steel, which are all durale and long-lasting materials. Roofs are covered with mediterranean grasses, which prevents overheating in summer. Promenade, piers and terreces are made of combination of wooden planks and conctere.


ZONE 6, marina

ZONE 7, coastal zone

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