Scattered Cubes

Urata Murseli, Vlonë Matoshi, Rina Maliqi
University of Prishtina

Idea projektu

The Croatian coastline doesn't provide a standard location for a commercial area. This issue leads to the main goal of the project, using the challenging terrain to design an optimal, useful, and sustainable commercial center that camouflages into the landscape. The main idea of the projects consists of turning the natural shapes into an ideal commercial, touristic, and attractive space that is able to function and attract tourists throughout the year.

Popis projektu

An architectural creation that is inspired by nature and the terrain it is set on. It is a combination of critical regionalism and metabolism for the purpose of coming up with a sustainable project that camouflages into nature
The shape of the building mimics the scatteredness of the Croatian rocks falling toward the shore.
The concept is based on merging all three zones: Marina, Commercial, and camping zone. The purpose is set on providing easy access from the commercial center to the Marina and vice versa.

Technické informace

The structure is made of modular cubic shapes whose construction is made of reinforced concrete. The rocky landscape has been integrated into the facades of the project, by materializing some of the walls with the local rock material.
The marina is materialized with ECONCRETE- an invention that allows the sea ecosystem to use it as a habitat – especially for corals, oysters, and barnacles.
The greenery has been integrated throughout the terraces of the building and its surrounding so that it creates the effect of camouflage into the landscape. Local plants have been used such as stone pine, salt cedar, myrtle, winter savory, strawberry, oregano, etc.


ZONE 4, commercial centre

ZONE 6, marina

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