Villa in the Miris Garden Resort

Kateřina Štrofová
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Architecture
Česká Republika

Idea projektu

The concept the villa combines traditional and respectful design with modern, minimalistic solutions based on renewable energy. The main purpose of the villa is to provide occupants cosy and functional accommodation that keep a tradition, but not violate comfort of a modern era. I want this villa to be accessible to the majority of the customers, but fulfilling the complex needs of the most specific ones. There is an intention to cope with nature as I believe, it is the environment creating the alluring vibe of this resort. Another aspect I put my focus on, is the corporate responsibility and impact on the nature. To keep a sustainable future of this coast, it’s crucial to think green and secure that this villa cut its emission on the bare minimum. Everything we create, should also inspire, and I believe that my concept is the way how architecture should move on, and how to keep this region attractive for future generations.

Popis projektu

The whole concept of Villa in the Miris Garden Resort respects authentic values of the region and is inspired by traditional architecture where the main component is a stone. This traditional form of Villa is combined with modern elements and is designed with a sense of minimalism. The result is an entity made of traditional materials in colours and proportions that do not violate the surrounding. The entrance solution is variable, thus, is influenced by the location on the situational plan and position of the access point. The first option is via the main, south terrace, whereas the second one is via smaller, north terrace. It can accommodate 6 occupants in 3 bedrooms. In the traditional part of Villa with the gable roof, you can find 2 bedrooms. The third one is in the part with flat roof. Every bedroom has own bathroom and stunning sea view with direct access to the terrace. The centre of villa is in the part with flat roof. It is a common area room with 2 levels. On the top one, there is a kitchen, and, on the bottom, there is a living room. This kitchen disposes of a storage room too. There is a sliding door that can connect this room with the exterior terrace offering great barbeque opportunities. Because of that, the whole room has impression of brightness and airiness. Next to the south terrace, there is a swimming pool with deck chairs. Occupants can chill on hamacs next to the sun breakers. The second terrace with palms offers a great shade.

Technické informace

The intention of the project is to respect a nature, what is the reason why this entity stands on piles. There is a dedicated room for maintenance of Villa. In order to reduce a time period when it’s necessary to use air conditioning, there is a multi-layer facade with a massive stone lining. It accumulates the thermal energy in the Villa causing balanced heat distribution. Also, the energy effectivity is enhanced by a green roof providing reliable isolation, noise reduction and also lower heat differences during summer/winter. Despite the green solution, Villa relies on air conditioning during the hottest part of the year. To keep a traditional and local look of the entity, there are window shutters in blue colour. They also provide shadow and natural air flow between interior and exterior. These shadows and lights create the natural Mediterranean vibe. A terrace is partially in shade due to the sun breakers. On the terrace, there is a swimming pool that water is defecated a redistributed via collecting duct located behind the flowerpots. A heating system is connected on solar panels that during the colder months heat up a swimming pool too. A greywater is mechanically defecated and transferred to a storage tank of the property. After, it is used to water the surrounding plants and the green roof. The noise isolation, shadow and privacy are secured by the green fence that, at the same time, indicates borders of a property.


ZONE 5, private one storey villas

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