Martin Grelnet
Faculty of Architecture and Design STU in Bratislava

Idea projektu

Martinje or Blagdan svetog Martina (Saint Martin’s Day, The Feast of Saint Martin) is a holiday celebrated on November 11 in Croatia.

According to an old traditional Croatian custom, this is the day that mošt (grape must) turns into vino (wine). This Croatian holiday has been cherished since the 17th century.

Saint Martin's Day is celebrated throughout Croatia. On this day, as well as several days before and after, wine routes and tours have come to life, and many winemakers present their wines to visitors. Martinje has become such a tourist attraction, especially in the north of Croatia, where wine is tasted with a rich gastronomic offer.

When designing the villas themselves, I tried to include this important holiday in the concept, and therefore every villa has a wine cellar to support this event. The sloping terrain with rocky subsoil creates suitable conditions for a cool and dark wine cellar, despite the fact that we are located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea.

Popis projektu

We enter the upper villa through the lowest floor, which also includes a wine cellar with an admitted rock wall and thus creates an interesting view after entering the building.
The staircase leads to the spacious main floor, where there is an entrance area, a kitchen with a dining room and a living room connected to the outdoor terrace and swimming pool. The floor further consists of 3 bedrooms, sanitary areas and accessories. From the main floor, a spiral staircase leads to the roof terrace enriched with walking greenery.

The entrance to the lower villa is created in reverse, where we enter through the highest floor through the ``levitating mass'' located on the roof of the villa. This mass creates an architectural element of both buildings and at the same time provides a protected and closed space providing a perfect view of the sea. Down the stairs, we reach the main areas of the villa, which are divided into day and night zones. A hallway leads to the night zone, which is lined with a polycarbonate wall for better lighting. The night zone consists of four bedrooms with
separate hygiene facilities. The day zone consists of an entrance area with accessories, a living room connected to the kitchen and dining table, supplemented by one master bedroom with its own hygiene and wardrobe. All rooms are connected by an outdoor terrace with a swimming pool, which separates the day and sleeping areas and thus creates a more pleasant environment for relaxation.

Even though Advide villas are materially different, at the same time they have a lot in common, since they consist of the same modules. Furthermore, it is the material and color solution, but also the same
architectural elements such as a spiral staircase, the spindle of which forms a support column for the levitating mass on the roof of both villas.

Technické informace

The settlement of objects in shavit terrain is handled sensitively, taking into account the smallest possible landscaping. The objects are based on a modular form with a basic module size of 6x6m. This solution allows for different variations in the size of the villas or adapted to different
land sizes. In this module, it is possible to use two smaller bedrooms with hygiene (with multiple layout solutions), or one larger master bedroom with hygiene and a wardrobe. The proposed objects consist of two villas - the upper smaller one (villa A) and the lower larger one (villa B). In both buildings, the entrance to the various parts of the villa is solved by a dominant spiral
the staircase.


ZONE 5, private one storey villas


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