nana 3bd
Lebanese University, Institute des Beaux Arts – Department of Architecture

Idea projektu

the idea of this project is (mixing modern and old civil architacture in a manner that reflects the relationship between the government and the people in applying the foundations of sumblime justice

Popis projektu

this projects consists of the flowing parts the main zone is court rooms ,public zone and the second zone consists all judges offices

Technické informace

the construction of the building made of a huge concrete and a less of glass in elevations


ZONE 1, four storey apartment buildings, (ground floor + 3 levels)

ZONE 2, three storey apartment buildings, (ground floor + 2 levels)

ZONE 3, hotel and carpark

ZONE 4, commercial centre

ZONE 5, private one storey villas

ZONE 6, marina

ZONE 7, coastal zone

ZONE 0, urbanism


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