The Aviation Centre

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Idea projektu

Its true that proper sleep cycles are important for all of us, but there are some people, who just cannot sacrifice there sleep cycles at any point of life,For instance The Pilots or the Long route truck and bus drivers. As because of the their job’s nature these people are always very concern about their sleep cycles, they just cannot afford to feel drowsy in the middle of the flights or a ride. Therefore, the project mainly will be targeting a space where some pilots spends their 24 hrs on daily basis, as these spaces completely dominates the circadian systems of the pilots along with this project will look for a similar solution but in a different way for the long route drivers.

Popis projektu

Project will be looking forward towards an Aviation Centre (Flying School), where not just pilots but other lots of different staff members resides, where building schedules varies from block to block due to the multiple user activities and also such complex accommodates dedicated spaces like,offices,classrooms,living and dinning areas, Aviation grounds,Labs,Health Centers,Clubs,etc which demands various CS values as well along with this project will solve the issue of the long route drivers in a similar manner

Project will be looking forward towards the Net Zero Energy Building design, basically by increasing the supply of energy from renewable sources and reducing the demand of energy from non-renewable resources.

Technické informace

The main Problem which will be focused mainly in this project is that the circadian elements in building spaces cannot be maintained by just letting in the daylight because when we make daylight diffused, which usually happens in most of the composite and hot climates, its circadian elements decreases a lot automatically. Therefore, its really important to figure out a design in which maximum amount of glare less sunlight can be incorporated while considering the factors like Spectrum,Timing,Photic history & Light Levels so that the required circadian elements can be maintained as per the various users. As for every age group the circadian light exposure requirement is different , for instance some age groups requires 0.3 CS in the morning time whereas some requires just 0.2 CS and this CS-metric depends on the absolute irradiance which incident on the observers retina. (CS= Circadian stimulus, a metric unit for circadian elements in the building spaces ).

Therefore, the project will be accommodating every range of age groups in terms of lighting. Apart from various age-groups users daily routine is also very important to consider in order to maintain the adequate amount of CS value, as the timing of light exposure during the day plays an important role in synchronizing the rhythm of circadian systems with daily activity patterns.

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