maritime ambulation

Gabin Codato
National Superior School of Architecture of Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon

Project idea

This project is located in Frontignan plage. The purpose of this project was to rebuild the existing nautical base because it is aging. For me, it was an opportunity to diversify the offer of this base in order to continue to attract visitors and users during winter and autumn but also during days with little or no wind (poses a problem for base sailing activities).
After talking with users and instructors, I really wanted to focus on making the experience as easy as possible for athletes and visitors. On top of that, it was the chance for the city to create a real green public space.
For the inspirations, I found the concept of the Sciez nautical base by Fabrice David interesting, and for the public space aspect I wanted to readapt the Highline by Piet Oudolf, James Corner, Charles Renfro in New York.

Project description

I made the choice to divide the different spaces of the project in order to facilitate the understanding of the spaces for the users. In addition to the existing sports activities, I have chosen to add more fashionable sports in order to attract more sportsmen. Then, I added a housing space for seasonal workers, a new party room, a wellness area (gym and sauna).
I also moved and brought into the frame the restaurant which was also already existing and the infirmary/surveillance station which was too close to the sea and therefore risked being flooded.

Technical information

For this building, I decided to respect the idea I had of seaside architecture. I therefore chose the wooden frame because it was easy to assemble. As wood, I chose the Aleppo pine because it is a local species, in addition to that, the pine grows very quickly, so it will be easy to reconstitute the part of the forest that we are going to cut. For the roof, I chose the steel deck because of the proximity to the sea and therefore salt water and very strong winds.

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