Aden Stock Exchange

Amatalaleem Alsharabi
Sana'a University

Idea projektu

An economic investment project for the first stock exchange building in Yemen. The project contributes to the economic growth of the country as it provides a safe investment environment for the financial savings of citizens and immigrants as well attracts them to invest. The project also contributes to the growth of these savings through many means such as the opening of new projects, which in turn contributes for reducing Unemployment rate by providing job opportunities, and the project directly contributes for providing 3500 job opportunities. It contributes for providing financing to promising project owners, creating markets for the selling of local products and contributing to the establishment of various exhibitions.
The project also removes the obstacles that face merchants in transactions, and it also contains many spaces that the region needs them. There were attempts in previous years to establish a stock exchange project; however, many reasons led to its obstruction. All these reasons were the cause of choosing the project as a graduation project.

Popis projektu

The project can be accessed by land, by air via the helipad, and by sea via the yacht marina.
The project consists of two separate blocks: The first building of 40 floors; It contains the following main functions:
At level 0, contains the entrance to the administrative tower, the entrance to businessmen, and services.
Level 1, contains a healthy and recreational gym.
Level 2, contains the main entrances to the project, in the middle of it there is a courtyard that creates a beautiful environmental space for the employees. This level contains the main trading hall, the offices of the Brokers syndicate, the subscriptions Department, the Central Accounting Department, exhibitions, exhibition and demand galleries, and an auction hall with its services and management, and a Separation and conflict resolution department, economic consultancy department, multi-purpose hall whose furniture is mechanically changed within 10 minutes, and services such as restaurant, prayer hall, and clinic.
Level 3, contains the second level of the multi-purpose hall, exhibitions, exhibition and demand galleries, offices of the participating banks in the stock exchange, the central bank office, the balcony of the public trading hall, the second level of the auction hall, and offices of businessmen. In addition to, the floor contains services such as restaurants, Cafe, and green areas.
Level 4, contains the central administration of the stock exchange, and a radio and television news agency.
Level 5, contains the second level of a radio and television news agency, the Communications Department, and the Central Information Department. The tower contains administrative offices for companies. The floors of the tower are interspersed with two floors that contain a green rest area for employees and a restaurant. The second 3-storey building, contains an institute for economic studies and research that the region needs it. Thus, the movement of students was separated from the movement of employees through the blocks.

Technické informace

The project site is chosen in the city of Aden, the economic capital of Yemen, on a land area of 250,000 square meters. The project site is in the middle of the city center, the airport and the city port, and this created another challenge for the project, which is the difficult climate of the region (hot and humid) and the appropriate climatic solutions were put for the facility that reduce its operational cost. All climate treatments are detailed in the attached file farther more the construction details of the building are also attached .


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