Succès Allandiguim
École Supérieure d’architecture d’Abidjan

Idea projektu

Offer an environment that unites the office and the home

Popis projektu

The high-rise building project is a mixed use building
building for residential and office use
with a height of 93m. Arranged in two modules
modules, the project includes 17 offices in
98 apartments divided into 3 and 2 bedroom
3 and 2 bedroom apartments. Two large
basement parking for up to 530 vehicles, a swimming pool
vehicles, a swimming pool, a large restaurant and
and green spaces. The idea was also to insert vegetation
vegetation in the building, so that the building and
nature become one.

Technické informace

The construction of the building is made of concrete and also 30cm thick walls. The building rests on circular posts of 60cm in diameter.


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