Alhaceeb City (sustainable city in Yemen Zabid

Adham Alabsi
International University of Technology Twintech

Project idea

The project is a sustainable residential city in the city of Zabid, Yemen, built to meet the needs of people with limited income to preserve the legacy remaining from the old city and remove the surplus population from the old city to a city that has a spirit like the old city, but in a way that does not affect the old city, but gives it a spirit that is in harmony with the building materials And its basic elements.

Project description

The project must be built in the areas of the future expansion of Zabid city, due to the presence of a large proportion of people with limited (low) income and they are among the most in need of such projects because of another reason there is a population density in the old city of Zabid, which resulted in the construction of random homes that threaten the beauty and heritage of the historical region, as well as It, has historical significance and has a distinct and ancient architectural character.
The northeastern site of Zabid was chosen and the reasons for choosing this site were based on the recommendations of the General Authority for the Preservation of Historic Buildings.
These areas are areas for the future expansion of the city of Zabid and were divided into three Zones D4 D5 D6 and each zone has specific requirements For this city.

The project is located in Yemen Zabid city.

Why did I choose this location?
The site of the project was chosen in the east
of the road leading to the (Hais) area, and this site includes the three zones so that there is an opportunity to apply all the
parameters that were stipulated by the authority for the region.
The project has great importance in several aspects, including economic, cultural, and historical.

The project can accommodate
for 10,000 people
living in 560 houses
in an area of 30 hectares

Technical information

The project included the three main foundations of a sustainable city which is
Environmental, Economic, and society...
Each item has been treated with high accuracy in the new city.

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