Idea projektu

For this library mediatheque project, The concept of my design is sequence and evolution of which I believe applies to the project, in order for this to be a successful project the idea of “EVOLUTION” in my project needs to be emphasized in order to reflect how the idea of a library has evolved. Unlike in older and more traditional times where the library was simply a place where all the information was stored and people had to go there to acquire knowledge on specific topics, The library is now gradually evolving into something much more than a place where people go to find and read books. Information has also evolved and it’s become more accessible and the idea of an information hub like the library has to evolve along with the means of acquisition of knowledge and information, it should be a place where people can meet, network, share ideas and solve problems. I also believe that if the idea of a library does not evolve into more than what it is now, the idea of a library will go extinct as information has become easily accessible and anyone can know anything by simply owning a smart phone. The goal is to create an environment that will help propel the evolution of a library.

Popis projektu

This projects consists of science museums, traditional hardcopy libraries, digital library, a planetarium, basement parking, outdoor amphi theater, a multipurpose hall, an auditorium and offices.

Technické informace

The building is made of concrete and glass in the structure and façade of the building and the, each structure will carry separate functions, the roof will be made of, a steel frame and covered with PTFE.


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