MKR Residence

Ohireme Uanzekin
Heriot Watt University Dubai

Idea projektu

Over the years digital art has evolved from being a small indie hobby to a multimillion-dollar franchise. The shift from 2d to 3d in the virtual space is now opening up a plethora of new opportunities for creatives.
For my main first-year project, I designed a house for an NFT artist. The beachfront site is located in the neighbourhood of Umm Suqeium Dubai. The goal was to design a space that stands out to reflect the client's career as a digital artist and foster creativity.

Popis projektu

My intentions were not to make a direct representation alluding to abstract and interweaving forms but instead to take the principles which make up the different worlds as a basis of the design. Spatial contrast is reflected between the parallel open plan of the ground floor and the abstract, divergent layout of the first. The transition between these spaces was achieved through the use of a vertically stretched pendentive dome which connects a square base to a circular skylight top taking precedent from the domes of the byzantine era. With this, it creates a seamless transition through the spaces that later informed the basis for the facade. The resulting form is an experience that reflects the progression from "real world" to "virtual" spaces respectively. The facade is a series of monolithic arches which rise to bridge the different floor typologies and also help blend the design to the local context as it resembles the pointed arch seen in UAE architecture.

Technické informace

Natural ventilation, wind direction and sunlight were also crucial considerations for cooling in the hot desert region. The series of glass fibre reinforced concrete arches which make up the façade are not only aesthetically pleasing but also provide structural support to the building. Its intricate crisscross nature forms an exoskeleton around the house, transferring loads from the first floor to the ground, and subsequently the foundation.
Owing to the nature of the course in the first year, the entire design process was done manually without the aid of CAD programs. Floor plans, sections and elevations are all hand drawn. Over the summer break, I then produced a series of added digital illustrations.


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