Urbanistický design a krajinářství

Symbiosis Beirut

Khairul Hazmi Zaini
Putra University, Malaysia (UPM), Faculty of Design and Architecture (FRSB), Serdang, Selangor

Idea projektu

The main objective of this project is to connect the fragmented parts of Beirut to become a more walkable and accessible city. In addition to provide affordable housing for the population that will enliven the port through the natural growth of the port (fast track development is discourage). The port of Beirut is key in amalgamating the neighborhoods of Beirut and becomes a beacon towards a exciting future, rebuild from the destruction.

Popis projektu

Strategy 1: maintaining the port infrastructure but reducing the size of the original port by giving way towards more development of local population.

Strategy 2: The success of a revitalize port of Beirut will bring significant improvement towards the neighboring areas, particularly Karantina in bringing the gap of socio-economic inequality.

Strategy 3: Encouraging natural growth of settlements by supporting affordable housing to have a local population.

Strategy 4: Improving the connectivity amongst other neighborhoods, this includes the extension of the waterfront from the Beirut Central District, a connection from Downtown Beirut towards the port, good access from Charles Helou, dismantling the walls of the former port and a direct connection towards Karantina.

Strategy 5: Regenerate and activate the existing Charles Helou bus station into a major transportation hub that is integrated to the passenger terminal and bus routes in the city.

Strategy 6: Adaptive reuse of existing factories and warehouses to become commercial and creative centers.

Technické informace

The overall typology of the urban settlement will follow to the building guidelines of adjacent neighborhoods. This is to create a sense of natural urban development towards the port. However, building height regulations is observe (up to 10 stories high) to maintain an equal view towards the port.

Adaptive reuse of former buildings are encourage to reduce waste of assets and transform into useful commercial and creative uses.

The road hierarchy encourages slow traffic to allow a safe, comfortable walking experience for the users. The commercial street of Symbiosis Beirut is dominated by a shared street concept where only service vehicles are encourage to use.


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