Interior Design

Transitional Hotel

Hsiang-Ting Huang
School of Visual Arts | New York NY
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Project idea

Project Brief:
This project is a transitional hotel designed for a single parent who
was incarcerated and their two children. The inhabitants will live in this “HOME” for three months. While working to pay for their lodging is a vulnerable opportunity to make connections and get to know their children more when living together.

Design Intention:
“Family” plays an influential role in a person’s life, especially for people
who were incarcerated. Parents always look after their children since they are born. However, this is the time for children to show their love, help, and support to their parent. With the children’s help, they are more likely to get back to the life they hoped to have.

I aim to create an enjoyable spatial experience for the parent and their
children to stay and spend as much time as possible. This room is not
only a resting space but also a playground for creating joyful memories.

Project description

Hotel Room Design Concept- Turning & Merging:
The words “Turning” and “Merging” could best represent my design inspiration.
Taking two cubical forms- Twisted and Untwisted, each representing the parent’s side (people who have been through trauma) and the children’s side. By merging the two cubical forms, creating a typical house shape in the center- symbolizing the two sides of people getting together, people who were incarcerated are ready to be back to their family and turn their lives back with the help of their children.

Parti Diagram:
The strategy is to create a form of turning and merging through subtraction and addition.

Design Goal & Strategies:
I intend to create a space where the PARENT could stay to rest and recover. It is also a playground for the CHILDREN to play and get to know their parent simultaneously.

- The front large opening window allows sunlight
into the interior space throughout the day.
- Incorporating a Terrace at the back of the room
allows the parent to have their own private space
to have fresh air.
- Create a climbing experience where children can
play through the space.

Technical information

Each single unit room will be stacked 20 times to create the entire hotel. The left side of the building and the roof of each unit applied solar
pannels to generate each room and the hotel's daily electricity usage.

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