Urbanistický design a krajinářství

Beirut Intelligent Port

Ahmad ELAssaad
Beirut Arab university, Faculty of Architecture, Tripoli

Idea projektu

The Modern Terminal "IPort" integrates connectivity and visuality into the physical environment of Beirut's port. It suggests that by reimagining the architecture of the terminal as an essential element of the port, cruising in the future will provide a stable economic base for the neighborhood. Making investments in smart technologies for security and sustainable design will act as a catalyst for both neighborhood development and passenger experience. Its relationship to the museum and the memorial's landscaping creates the ideal fusion and integration that prospers in the modern port of Beirut.

Popis projektu

The port symbolizes the motherboard function as we approach the idea of artificial intelligence and an intelligent port that can orchestrate a fully functional cycle between the components of the port. The Mid section of the urban planning consists of the main processing functions of the port including "Sea Terminal - Land Terminal - City Terminal". These Three-way connection nodes constitute the perfect fit for the coast of Beirut. An elegant portal that connects the outside to the inside and the inside in itself. A safe, efficient, boosting economic, and green-oriented port that holds on to create the perfect vision of a modern technological Port.

Technické informace

Systems for intelligent import and export are created and utilized in conjunction with the movement of cargo shipping and free terminal zones, which are in charge of manifesting the cargo shipping and emptying incoming and exiting shipments. Upon technical analysis including environmental and urban-oriented studies, certain elements and shapes of connectivity, visibility and accessibility lead to the distribution of areas accordingly. The Residential area, The main shipment, and cargo area should be coherent in planning mid-sectioned by the terminal bases and the administration part alongside the innovational centers. The tramway bases cut through the plan and organize the roadways creating a great fit that transitions through Lebanon. All these elements are organized accordingly coexisting from carriers to warehousing all the way to the public and semi-public areas .

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