Student house Warsaw

Vladimír Vacík
TUL - Technical University of Liberec, Faculty of Architecture
Česká Republika

Idea projektu

The project of student housing integrates the broken area in Warsaw and, with its city-forming character, responds to its future development. The upper part of the house is created as a multi-level city, thus trying to get the student life to all floors of the house. To strengthen the group I have arranged the housing units around several courtyards, which the students can use to meet each other. The part of the project is also the rescue of the abandoned factory, which is a great opportunity to connect the students with the local community.

Popis projektu

The building has 222 single rooms, 38 double rooms, and 4 barrier-free units. Then, in addition to the required functions (laundry room, study room, bike room), there are also two outdoor playgrounds, a gymnasium with a weight room, on the ground floor a multifunctional hall with a cafe, a dining room, premises for rent and finally a pub, studios, and workshops in the former factory. The program is based on one hand on various surveys of how students spend their free time, and secondly on my own experience.

Technické informace

The main intention was to minimize the impact on the environment.
The combination of glued wood and CLT panels offers, in addition to a low carbon footprint, quick construction and the authenticity of a material that can age well. So I try to show the wood as much as possible in my design and show it in its natural beauty.
I also use rainwater from green roofs for sprinkler tanks ensuring fire safety.


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