Urbanistický design a krajinářství

FUNctional Port

Caijun Lin, Tamara Dellamaria, Tommaso Tomelin
University of Trento

Idea projektu

The idea of our project is to create a place where people can socialize, have fun and spend time in a relaxing way. There will be new connections with the city of Beirut through which residents will be able to reach the new port easily, where they can play sports, organize exposition, go on a cruise or go shopping.

Popis projektu

The entire area will be built according to a 15mx15m grid, trees will be planted at each intersection of the grid, interrupted organically for the inclusion of various clusters with different functions, such as sports fields, towers for residential and/or commercial purposes, memorial area, passenger terminal, and some socializing plazas that can in the future accommodate any new buildings.

Technické informace

To be planted will be nine tree species that can withstand Beirut's climate, in particular coconut palms will be the only ones to form the entire memorial area, while the remaining areas will be a mix of eight other species.
The towers in particular will have a textural cladding with horizontal scratches, like Lina Ghotmeh's stone gaden, located a few hundred meters from the harbor. the openings, on the other hand, have also been designed according to a grid of 2mx2m.


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