technology museum ( touch to see museum )

lana srud
Tishk International University/ Previously known as Ishik University

Idea projektu

i designed a project using technology as we must give the importance to it, using technology in my country is less so i found bringing technology to design a specific project will be essential, a futuristic museum providing different experience to the users every time they visit it, using artificial works and digital screens to apply the archives for people, creating a space that makes them to focus and look forward more by having technology and showing it how it changes the world, how things can be changed with it, creating a thinking spot, and more, ive also designed a special museum for blind since they’re a part of the community and since we dont have such a project here, blinds shouldn’t be neglected, so using technologies like robot assistant, microphone, sensors in the interactive exhibition will be important, helping them to unfold their darkness through touching, hearing, smelling, and feeling of the space.

Popis projektu

consists of 2 buildings attached to each other, the main museum and the special museum for blind, designed with technology and futuristic features.

Technické informace

the building is constructed with steel structure since its faster to erect and cheaper.
museum is designed with concrete in exterior.

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