Light of nature

Lyubov Solopova, Elena Korolik
Brest State Technical University

Project idea

Brest is a city located in southwestern part of Belarus. The number of sunny days in the country does not exceed 35 per year.
A special advantage of public water parks is that this kind of recreation is available at any time of the year. Moreover, the local architecture of residential and civil buildings is not always promoted to obtaining the necessary quantity of natural light. We have tried to make the design in a way that there is daylight access in all spaces during the day regardless of the time of year. The composition and shape of the building have orientation on direction of the world to achieve the best illumination of all its sides. Each part of the building receives as much natural light as it needs according to its functional purpose.

Project description

Our Water park project is designed to give a little island of pleasure to citizens, where they can relax and take mind off worries. The object is situated in the geographical center of the city with all essential infrastructure nearby.
We have chosen this type of functional purpose of the building because doctors and psychologists indicate many benefits of such a pastime. A visit to the Water park is an opportunity to:
-Relieve stress and tension;
-Spend the whole day with your family or friends;
-Improve health, getting rid of the unpleasant symptoms of hypodynamy - sedentary lifestyle.
Besides the main theme of the project – water park, there are other areas for visitors. It has given by the study design assignment: a hotel, a rehabilitation center and a part of public catering. All these zones, including underground parking for 200 places, form a unified huge complex. Anyone can spend time with complete comfort and satisfy all needs, without leaving the territory of the complex.
Exterior of the facade: Brest is famous for its pine forests. Wooden laths are used on the facade as tree trunks. We tried to get next impressions about the composition of the wooden laths above the main entrance and in the glass facade: The first is a direct association with the shape of pines and firs. The second is that the glass like water flowing down the surface of the facade. Eco-friendly materials such as wood, concrete, natural stone are used in the project.
Since the rooms take up large areas, apart from the standard side lighting, it was necessary to create an upper one – "light wells". We used flat roof windows for this. They not only provide extra natural light, but also save electricity. In the locations of flat roof windows there are also green areas with natural plants and a lawn. Their planting and watering are carried out on a special operated overlapping. Such solutions diversify the interior, as it will be visually more interesting to pass from one part of the building to another. And they also present nature at any time of the year. In this way, the building of the complex is compared to a dense forest, where a sunlit glade can be hidden around every turn.

Technical information

The construction of the building is divided into two parts. The first - an aquazone, is a construction of glued beams. They can also create unusual, light and visually pleasing shapes in the interior. Metal structures were excluded, as they are more exposed to corrosion. The other part of the building is a reinforced concrete frame with monolithic slabs.


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