Urban Design and Landscape

planing of residential neighborhood

ghassan alhammadi
Sana'a University

Project idea

The project is sustainable residential neighborhood, the main objectives in the design are to reduce the movement of vehicles that will reduce environmental pollution, and motivate people to walk.Second increase the green area will make people enjoining walking and Achieving sustainability goals . I Divide the neighborhood into three main areas according to income (high-income, middle-income, and low-income) to suit all people of the community.

Project description

These goals were achieved by preventing the use of cars in residential areas by replacing streets with footpaths and making the separations between the three main areas a green belt.

Technical information

Calculations were also made, such as the number of people, the number of families, services area, parking area,, the number of parking lots and green area by person. The primary school was placed in the middle of the neighborhood to serve all residents, and markets were placed with public services in corner witch the highest land value.

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