Egyptian Folkloric Arts Museum

Doaa Ahmed
Misr International University ( MIU )

Project idea

The Egyptian Museum of Folklore is a project that strengthens the relationship between the Egyptian people and folk art, which expresses their daily life in an accurate manner, the art in which the people bring out their energy and concern by describing their day in a picture that they enjoy, as Egypt is distinguished by a long history of folk arts that differed And it evolved with the difference and the evolution of the people. The museum’s architecture is an important factor in conveying the idea to the eyes and minds of visitors, as it is inspired by the ancient Egyptian architecture in which the people grew up and lived most of their lives there, as the source of folklore is the ancient Egyptian places, in which the idea of ​​folklore art that describes people’s lives was born. Including sorrows and joys.

Project description

The most important outcome of the project is to change the traditional concepts of folk arts and prevent their vulgarity and generalization by conveying a correct image of the nature of folk and folk arts, by providing theaters in which the veins of the skirt and the non-vulgar belly dance will be shown.
And by providing different links between the visitor and his journey through the museum through his vision of many popular arts that people have forgotten these days.

Technical information

There is a link between the Nile River and the Museum via the Plaza, an extension of the Tahiyya Misr Walkway
The relationship between the museum and the ancient Egyptian architecture that communicates with the residents of the area - Shubra - and is close to their imagination and hearts.
Several pioneers inspired arts and galleries were created in a familiar atmosphere for the egyptian people with a mega structureispired of the astonishing invention of the "Dome" in a more comtemporary way but yet, familiar and home likely to the people of the country and culture.

the scattering of a the building in highly inspired by the ancient urban fabric of the FATIMID CAIRO , with a spine that connects the whole buildig together, giving the people the familiar experience of their hometown.
Each gallery is inspired by the pioneer's art , sculptures, paintings , music and performance art.
Also the availabilty of a children gallery to educate the upcoming generation with the real difinition of Egyptian Folk Arts.

Performance arts are a big chapter of the Egyptian Heritage, so the there are 2 main theaters, the whole experience is completed with the structure of the mega Dome and the water surface holdong the amphitheater together in an entertaining experience.

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