Interior Design

Moon Child Yoga Wear Store

Rossalinda Rossalinda
Raffles College of Higher Education

Project idea

Moonchild Yoga Wear is a new holistic women's yoga wear brand designed in Denmark. Scandinavian nature's colors inspire the Moonchild Yoga Wear collection and lights blended with beautiful and feminine minimalism. This brand also focuses on sustainability and eco-friendly materials for production.

Sustainability and eco-friendly are the vision and mission of moonchild; the store's design should include elements that bring a natural atmosphere. Moreover, Moonchild would like to have some activities such as yoga classes, ethical production activities, or urban farming meetings. Therefore, the store should have a flexible design to achieve those purposes and accommodate a seasonally changing selection of apparel and accessories.

Project description

The concept combines yoga philosophy, "the Eight Limbs of Yoga", and the lotus flower. Both things are pretty popular when connected to yoga. For "the Eight Limbs of Yoga", They are designed to help the practitioner live a more disciplined life to alleviate suffering and help acknowledge aspects of nature. Moreover, the lotus flower is considered one of the most sacred plants globally because its symbolic meaning represents the human journey of rising above any adverse or unfortunate circumstance and into a self-aware and spiritually enlightened human being.

Technical information

The space is initially for displaying clothes and accessories, but it can also hold private yoga classes, where the ceiling fixture plays the main role to create this space. The ceiling on the store is hanging with ceiling fixtures with three different shapes representing lotus flowers inspired by their development. The area used for holding private yoga classes has a special form because it has a white fabric hanging by a fixed hanger that creates a complete lotus shape. Moreover, each strand of the flower has roller blinds that can turn up and down for additional activities that need privacy.

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