Mangata Tower

Edith Zapata
Universidad de Monterrey, Universidad de Monterrey, Departamento de Arquitectura

Project idea

The expected objective of the project is mainly to establish a comfortable space based on the needs of the city and its inhabitants (geophysical and population study) and to apply sustainable strategies considering a location outside Mexico (local), specifically in Barranquilla, Colombia, including a proposal for construction materials and structural systems.

Colombian music, history and dances in combination with the external factor "the moon", gave rise to the collective housing and mixed-use project: Torrer Mangata, which means "the path of light left by the moon over a body of water".

Project description

Targeting a young adult working population, Torre Mangata is established on the shores of the Magdalena River in Barranquilla, Colombia as a mixed-use building, including public and private services (for residents), as well as an exclusive office space (workspace).

As part of the allocation, subway parking, landscaping (green areas) and different apartment typologies are proposed.

Technical information

Being a coastal area, the general geophysical analysis leads to take care of the considerable proximity of the lot with the sea and the river, which is why several structural systems are proposed, generous columns and an exo-structure that embraces the entire shape, in order to respect the organic and cultural concept of the design.

As part of the sustainable proposals, a wall made of a layer of solid partition wall, a 4-inch air chamber, thermal and acoustic insulation (fiberglass, well known for its thermal, acoustic and fire resistant properties.) and an interior finish (drywall) is proposed. The above based on climate analysis and prioritizing user comfort, in addition to considerable energy savings.

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