Cultural Market

University Malaysia Kelantan

Project idea

Kota Bharu is a city in Malaysia that serves as the state capital and royal seat of Kelantan. The proposed site is located at Jalan Tengku Besar, Kota Bharu which is near to a heritage area.

Due to my research, the area surrounding the proposed site is quiet dull. Although there is a heritage or tourism area near to the site, but there is still lack of people who pass by or go to the area beside proposed site. This is because the area is lack of space for activity or attractive point for the public. Besides that, Kota Bharu is located at hot and humid climate, there are not much shaded area for the people who walk from a place to other. Except for the vehicles, not many people will want to choose the option of walking to move around the Kota Bharu city in this hot weather.

The main question for this Cultural Market design is:
What are the possibilities for the Cultural Market to connect to the urban community at the street scale?

Project description

Design concept for my cultural market design is green gathering. Green Gathering, as the concept, the cultural market not only a trading place, it can be a stop point at this area for public to share experience, buy their goods and has fun inside it.

Technical information

The design concentrates on passive design and connection to the surrounding.
The construction is based on a metal structure with wood finishing to provide a green environment and surrounding feeling inside the market.


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