Interior Design


Xining Liu
Raffles College of Higher Education

Project idea

The design inspiration mainly comes from the dynamic balance in nature, a static movement, and a dark and light composition of the visual experience. As the project is located on a high level and has good lighting, the change of light and shadow is also considered in the design, especially in the afternoon, the change of light in the interior can bring a different dynamic effect, combined with the interior materials, so as to form a new dynamic balance visual effect.

Project description

In the design process, I think about how to make a family of six more comfortable. Also, the grandmother needs a wheelchair, which needs to be combined with an accessible design. Because everyone has their preferences, the key to this design is how to balance their needs, to achieve a more comfortable living environment. Therefore, after referring to everyone's needs and considering the natural environment, I came up with such a design concept as dynamic balance. Each room can be an independent space, allowing users to enjoy maximum comfort in their room. Then in the public area, we need to consider a neutral collocation, so that all people can accept such an effect, but also meet the needs of everyone during different periods. As far as I can understand, logs are the best option to balance the indoor atmosphere and make the indoor style softer. After matching other materials, the use of logs can well balance the characteristics and effects of other materials, and then some lighting Settings to achieve the best living effect.

Technical information

- The apartment is about 3500 sq. ft apartment.
- Floor to ceiling height is 3.2m

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