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Shereen Fadda
Texas A&M University
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Project idea

Catastrophes happen! Hurricane Katrina, Harvey, the numerous tornadoes that occur almost daily somewhere, and even the
recent Pandemic. Insurance companies, FEMA, and even relatives try to reach the areas of catastrophic damages. Today there are portable tents being used for COVID testing and issuance of vaccines. The goal is to replace tents with a more sound structure to protect the people in the environment.

Project description

This large portable space can be utilized for temporary offices, clinics, and even housing. Since the spacing is portable, it could be
located into any remote location for even happier occasions such as weddings or other celebrations. The transportability would use a standard 18-wheeler truck where it could then be offloaded to the designated location.
Included mechanics would allow for the
structure to completely unfold, with sections that can raise to obtain an even larger space.
With these mechanics and the specfic
dimensions allowed for 18-wheeler hauling, multiple design conceptscan be achieved.

Technical information

The design concentrates on conceptual mechanics and dimensions staying within the allowed 18-wheeler wide load regulations for travel.


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