YFPC Yemeni Film Production Campus

Ryman ali
Sanaa University

Project idea

There is a saying I once read " Cinema is not only the place where great stories are told with impact, but also where they are experienced with all the senses. “Hence the idea of ​​the project came. One place that can create an integrated story, arrange it, and deliver it to the audience as a whole experience that allows the audience to sense the whole stages of it.
My project is a specialist filmmaking project that tries to depict the cinematic experience in all of its stages, from creating the script to viewing the film and collecting it all in one location. This is why it is divided into four portions, each with its own purpose and connected in the block. The production section, the instructional section, and the entertainment section are the three sections. as well as the administrative department.
Another goal for this project was to contribute to Yemen's film industry and its revival, as well as to contribute to the country's economic development. Because the entertainment component would serve as a tourist attraction. Hence it was located in an average location in Aden.

Project description

The concept of the project came from Martin Scorse's quote that says " Cinema is a matter of what is inside the frame and what is outside it" So when it comes to filmmaking cameras and frames are the most vital tool for filmmakers to represent their story. Frames are considered as a grammar base which helps us present the story, though it is not every thing and we still need the audience's emotions and fiction to understand the story. Thus, I used the rectangular shape of the frame to symbolize the story that serves as the production department's functional representation and placed it as the base of the project. I represented the audience with another rectangle that served as the entertainment department, which I placed within outside of the preceding rectangle to symbolize the audience's experience of what is inside the frame as well as the meanings they get from the outside. The cube was utilized to connect the two frames and to present the management section.

Technical information

The cube elevation's fundamental notion is based on a movie barcode. This tumbler captures each frame of the film, extends it out, and provides a single image with a distinct color code. As a result, the color of the cube will change every night depending on the main movie. The cube utilizes a two-layer curtain wall system, with the inner performance curtain wall closely mirroring the functional arrangement. the curtain wall that surrounds it and the central hollow with a built-in "LED transparent screen In the daytime, a multimedia system that exudes a pure and elegant demeanor, seeming serene and graceful. When the sunset's afterglow lands on the structure at dusk, the colorful lights turn on.
The building's main structural system is a waffle slab with a span of 15 meters.
The building's cantilever section includes a unique structural system called the Vierendile system.


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