The healing power of music

Syed Asad Ul Hassan

Project idea

The aims and objectives of this thesis are to introduce the concept of music therapy centre in Pakistan especially in Karachi to improve most of the psychological distress either major or minor faced because of an urban environment and how architecture can be integrated with music therapy to improve the process of healing.

Project description

Psychological problems like stress, anxiety, depression, anger management and sleep disorders are widespread in Pakistan especially in urban city like Karachi due to many factors involving noise, lack of nature and enclosed spaces.
Music is the only sensory experience that can activate all the areas of the brain simultaneously. It directly affects ones cognitive, emotional and physical functions and abilities. Music is a universal language that engages and keeps attention of all age group.
There are various types of therapies in Pakistan but there is no awareness of music therapy that can improve most of the psychological issues. Can music therapy be part of our society? Can music, architecture and nature collaborate together to heal psychological issues?

Technical information

Music therapy is an evidence-based treatment for a number of illnesses, including heart disease, depression, autism, substance misuse, and Alzheimer's. It can aid with memory, self-esteem, coping, stress reduction and blood pressure. The person who performs music therapy are called ‘music therapist’. Music therapy works in private practice, hospital, school, prisons and community programs. Music therapy is the safest form of therapy without any side effects and it does not require any medications.
Research on music therapy began shortly after the World War 2 in 1945 when musicians all around the world gathered to play music for the veterans and victims of war in hospitals, after seeing the positive impact and healing power of music it was recognized as a formal profession in 1950 known as the music therapy. Music is the only sensory experience that can simultaneously stimulate all parts of the brain. It improves the whole brain process responsible for one’s emotional, cognitive and physical functions and abilities. All humans have response to music regardless of their level of ability and skills. Music has the power to engage and keep attention of all age group. It is one of the safest forms of therapy with minimal side effects and it does require any other medication. This ability, with the assistance of a music therapist, may be utilised to entertain, expand the mind, and arouse the senses in order to achieve a variety of therapeutic aims.

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