City of Technology, Science and Industry

Sulaiman Mahariq
Palestine polytechnic university
Palestinská autonomie

Idea projektu

The significance of technology has become wider than playing a limited role to meet people’s needs in the field of information and communication only, but also includes all areas of life.
Today, it is at the forefront of political and research concerns in research centers and universities around the world. Every day we hear about an important invention or event in the field of technological technologies. The frantic competition with support and generous encouragement for research and development by governments in the developed world requires striving to build projects that serve the technological system that involves training, education and research centers according to international specifications.
The gap that separates those who possess knowledge and the ability to exploit it and the ability to use information technology and computers has made the differences between the countries of the developed and developing world and between the different regions of the world known as the digital divide which was accompanied by another gap in the availability of the base and the main infrastructure of facilities and buildings working to employ technology in the areas life and its development with regard to the Palestinian society, we find that it is limited to associations and small gardens that are limited to simple aspects that don’t make tangible differences and the idea of technology city may seem a good idea to help narrow the existing gap.

Popis projektu

The description of the project boils down to the establishment of a technological, industrial, scientific city with the required standards, infrastructure and technology. Necessary and studied to serve the various spaces and events represented by research centers, exhibitions, laboratories and spaces various, which in turn seek to serve the region and community groups in scientific and industrial areas Social and economic boundaries take into account key elements of sustainability.

Technické informace

The project contains several objectives as follows:
•Addressing the obstacles to growth in the Palestinian ICT industry by encouraging Entrepreneurship, helping local companies expand and attract international investors, also includes a network plan ICT in the city on a comprehensive infrastructure designed to support institutions that use the latest ICT means.
•This project will serve as a "live laboratory" for full-time residents and researchers who will test and develop technologies Such as robots, personal mobility and smart homes, in a real environment.
•The city focuses on developing the uses of modern technology in Palestine and developing its use in the sectors various economic and health, cultural and social sectors as well as assistance to scientific institutions and communities Entrepreneurship and technology, and be a supportive environment and support for innovation and creativity, for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, and men business, students and researchers with different facilities.
• Try to apply harmony with the surrounding environment and take advantage of its natural resources and produce alternative energy using methods findings by the city's research and studies centers and research on how to promote harmony between technology and life social, environmental, life, and harmony with the local Palestinian culture.
• Try to make the project environment an environment for the development of continuous knowledge derived from all city facilities in a way that takes into accountmaintaining the identity of the community.

The architectural spaces that make up the project are mainly and clearly distributed in the form of architectural blocks, and each block has been appointed as a section in a particular field such as the administrative department, the division of companies and research, the education department, the entertainment department, exhibitions and the section of the sleepers, and certainly each section is built and planned on the course of known and studied architectural standards, where the various studies were integrated with the unique thought followed in the project based on the integration of the internal vacuum of the sections with a central collector's space, namely the Barlaza.
The project's main features are the inbound views as well as the innovative transport and movement system, which is one of the main themes of the project.

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