Interiérový design


Behrooz Nakhaei

Idea projektu

One of the idea In order to be able to use the pop art style in the interior design of the factory, instead of painting the walls and bricks, we used colored boxes at a distance from the walls, which create different qualities in different spaces. (In a space as an entrance, in another place as a study space, etc.) Due to the special quality that these boxes give to each space, we used the names of these boxes to name and define spaces and galleries. for example:
Blue Box Gallery
A blue box was designed at the entrance of the gallery, which apart from defining the entrance and leveling the entrance with the floor of the courtyard, is also a space for the audience to receive.

Popis projektu

I became acquainted with the Argo factory through my Thesis project. At that time, the second phase of its reconstruction had not yet been completed, and I became very interested in it.
Since the location of the building is close to the faculties of art and architecture, it was decided to change the use of the factory to a cultural and artistic center in order to create more interactions between artists and students. By creating spaces such as a library, bookstore, coffee shop, gallery, workshop hall and open spaces.
In the first stage of the design process, the question was raised how to turn the cold nature of the factory into a warm and intimate atmosphere without destroying the nature of the factory ?!
That “POPART” idea came up. A popular and graphic style in contrast to the seriousness and coldness of the Argo factory could create an interesting contrast. But the next question was how to implement it ?!
Since the first priority of the design was to restore the identity of the Argo factory, we tried to preserve the remaining walls and bricks of the factory as much as possible, and one of the ways to implement this idea was to use colored lights because color is one of the main features of “POPART” Style.

Technické informace

In the style and movement of New Art, one of the characteristics is that art can be displayed from any source. Scaffolding is used for expansion and is low cost and popular
Apart from this, the scaffolding, due to the structure and network that they build, made it possible for us to use them to display the works without inserting a nail into the wall ...

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