Nassereddine CHAIB, Mouad MAHTOUCH
Ecole nationale d'architecture,Rabat (ENA)

Project idea

rethinking the traditional architecture of the Moroccan Hammam...

Project description

The Moroccan hammam quickly became a traditional, weekly ritual among Moroccans, especially since having a bathing room was not common in Moroccan houses. They bathe in a traditional hammam once a week, either alone or with their friends and family, to cleanse themselves, talk about life, socialize, and sometimes even make connections or new friends.
However, during the last few years the traditional hammam has become little frequented, we therefore aimed through our design to conceive a contemporary Hammam that remains faithful to the traditional Moroccan architecture while meeting the needs of today’s population.
The concept redesigns the traditional Moroccan hammam into a landmark that will become a magnet for the city and beyond, and re-establish Morocco’s long-lasting culture of public baths as a form of built social space par excellence.

Technical information

The proposed hammam design comprises a central patio with a swimming pool referencing to the Moroccan Riad central pool and 17 modular earthen vaults covering the different rooms…

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