Samuel Nwobu

Idea projektu

The explosion came with several issues and setback in the beruit city ranging from Economic setback, unemployment, Traffic congestion, Waste etc.

The Aim and Objective of the project is to provide Beruit a rejuvinative process of the Port. The design solves and reduces it problem to the bare minimum. The project is centered around 3 principles of sustainability Social, Economic & Environmental.

Social : Connecpt people with a high interative atmopsphere in Land use ( soical park ) To play, shop, eat and meet and the mourn lost lives of the citizen of beruit.

Economic: Save cost with recycling cargo cranes and reuse for building costruction.

Environmental Carbon reducation( foot print) on the project site, green roof/ terrace for eco friendly environment, pollution management, waste product recycling area.

Popis projektu

Dynamic Modulazation is the design Approach using the idea of blast molecule to create a sytem that favors both the citizens of beruit and carry the funtionality of the Sea port as well. Providing a Cable Transportaion to help the Traffic Congestion going on in beruit presently and waste management contorl as the waste in beruit have increased in an ernomous manner

Technické informace

The design provides in the site a Cultural center, Mix use Development ( Watch room, shopping mall, sport center), Hotel, Residentail Units for those who where unfortunate and lost their homes during the explosion, Social park for intervative use, Passenger Terminal, Administrative buidling, Waste management building for waste recycling and reproduction, Silos building farm for manufacturing the grains crops and lastely the cargo terminal where cargo Items are received, distribudted and stored


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