Demokratická republika Kongo

Project idea

The idea of the project is to propose a port that will be considered as an everlasting heritage, allowing to Lebanese community to commemorate their beloved lost in the explosion. the port proposes social sustainability by connecting the community with the port through different activities such as open recreational Areas, Museum, Mall theaters, gardens, and parks

Project description

The project proposed some solutions toward the sustainability issues due to fuels and gas pollutions by adopting the use of green energies which are: Kinetic tiles, Solar panels, and floating wind turbines in order to generate electricity with low impact of carbon dioxide, it also put an accent to the dynamism of the port by connecting the city's activities with the port.

Technical information

The project proposed the use of Bio-based materials that greatly contribute to the storage of atmospheric carbon, thus helping to preserve the atmosphere. bio-sourced materials made entirely or partially from biomass have the particularity of having a low carbon footprint.
Materials such as clay-based plaster and blended cement concrete when used in building construction are an important alternative to carbon storage in the building,

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