culture center for immigration

halima mohammad saeid
Istanbul Kültür University, Faculty of Architecture, Istanbul

Project idea

the project has been designed for immigrants .the concept is linked space .
in this building the terraces created a pedestrian in the air by means of connecting to the inside of the building in different levels .

Project description

this building has been designed for immigrants. according to the functions have been selected for this building. it gives the opportunity to the immigrants to improve their skills by joining to the exhibitions or workshops and succeed.
this building includes 5 floors, which each of them consist of many different functions. the workshops and exhibitions which will be held in here, going to help them in their economy situation as well.

Technical information

this building consist of (theater, parking which placed in basement) (art exhibitions , sculptor exhibition , restaurant , game center has been placed in ground floor which is open for public ) ( painting workshop , music institute , sculptor workshop , information center for the hole building has been placed in first floor that give the opportunity for immigrants to use their skills and can help them on their economic situation too till they stand by them self ) ( library , research center for immigrants has been placed in second floor ) the terraces in each levels is connecting the buildings to each other and also it give the 360 degree view from the site in different levels as well . the buildings in ground floor has been divided into 3 piece by means of open more transition area from different part of the site like from the back side its open 3 arches from aqueduct that invite people to the inside of the courtyard and other sides has been open to give the felling of open public courtyard for people from far away of the site and other streets as well .


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