HER Pavilion

Rapeepat Phanratanamala
Syracuse University, Syracuse University School of Architecture

Project idea

In a place that’s evolving for female empowerment with symbols like the Fearless Girl, New York represents a hopeful city for people to pursue their dreams, and in a space like United Nation’s park, it shines a light on women’s successes. Designing this pavilion with a rib cage-like structure not only conveys the feeling of openness which represents acceptance of new ideas, but it also illustrates the feeling of protection and unity, since the rib cage is seen as a protective structure for your heart.

Project description

The amphitheater promotes sharing ideas in an open-minded community that accepts new ideas which challenge today’s norms and provides a space for women to use their voice. The structure emerging from the amphitheater’s center of rotation weaves through the main body of the pavilion, encapsulating the need to learn from one another - no matter the race, gender, or age.

Technical information

I used Rhino, Illustrator, and Photoshop for the digital aspect of the project. I used Basswood sticks, Foamcore, and Blue Foam for the physical model.


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