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: Eastern Mediterranean University
Palestinská autonomie

Idea projektu

The project is a cultural center to be located in the old city of famagusta, a city with a rich historcal context. the aim of the project is to add an new building facing an ancient Gothic cathedral to revive the old city of famagusta and bring new experience to its people.

Popis projektu

The art tunnel, a project which is designed to be located in the old city of famagusta, cyprus.the project has a modern structure  standing in the middle of a historical site. the building aims to give the public a special experience and to be an active spot of the old city, and this was developed with a concept based on the visual connection and the engagement with the surroundings from inside to outside and at the same time from outside to inside the building to make it more exposed to the historical context. this was achieved by working on the tectonics of the building since it has been provided with a full double glazed body that is coming attached to the part where the functions are distributed inside to create an artistic transparent journey for people as they wander inside the building and around the site, the closest of the monumental structures in the site were also an important factor that helped to form the mass of the building to have it coming in broken angles throughout the site to maximize the ability of catching the whole site and having vistas from inside for a better and nicer architectural experience.

Technické informace

The selected materials are metal cladding with different colors for the skin of the project in addition to double glazed panels for the glass body of the project in order to reduce heat gain inside the building.

Softwares used for creating the project are sketchup, Enscape and photoshop


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