REORGANIZATION- Taipei Skyport Systems Design 2048

QinChao Zhou
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Department of Architecture, Taipei City

Idea projektu

Traffic in Taipei is jammed, and the ground transportation system is becoming saturated. The airspace above the city is used to carry out the transportation system setting, through the point-to-point centralized flight, improve the transportation efficiency, reduce the pressure of the current ground transportation facilities, and will also meet the transportation needs between the city and the city.

Built in the city by means of expansion and new construction. The modular advantages enable the airport buildings can be attached to the existing buildings or above the existing buildings through the roof, and can create a unique airport building according to different building space needs.

Popis projektu

As the design scheme of the skyport, every unit is an independent building volume. Building consists of different sizes of modules piled on top of each other. According to the different characteristics and needs of the base, the most appropriate module can be selected to put into the site , so that the airport station of different bases have special urban and architectural texture.

Technické informace

Connecting historic sites with new buildings by squares. The first Xiamen of Songshan Airport is a historic site in Taipei, which is of great significance to the historical development of Taipei City. The large square produces moderate activity space and retains the possibility of dialogue between new and old buildings.

The building volume is cut open to form a large access corridor in the middle, reconnecting Songshan Airport at both ends of the base with the Civil Aviation Administration.Add a layer of building volume above the two buildings to turn the original open access corridor into a semi-open activity space, which is conducive to the possibility of various future activities.

Airport space is built on the top floor of the building.

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