sonia shrini jenaghard
Rumi Non-Profit University

Project idea

Honestly, I do not know if my project will be accepted in this competition or not. However, I try, although I do not have a chance, but it is an honor to be able to participate in such an exciting competition. My goal in designing this campus was important culture. The most important thing in people's lives is that culture cannot be separated from human beings, so a historical look at the ancient history of Slovakia. My most important goal was to remember modernity by placing suspension bridges and to say that culture, history and modernity are always in I hope that a work will be chosen that believes in this issue and does not want to change the whole rich culture of this country at once, and yet I thank you for looking at my project and forgiving my many weaknesses due to my low skill.

Project description

The scope of my project was divided into three parts of three completely separate and at the same time interconnected volumes that would not make sense without each other.
And the shapes and volumes were exactly in place of the buildings that I preferred to be removed from the project altogether, and these volumes were chosen as a result of my thinking about the historical events of this country. Each of these volumes included different plans and different spaces were seen in different parts, but in each part we believed that the best plan for each volume was the same.

Technical information

In Volume 2 and Volume 3, there was a suspension bridge, which was a symbol of suspension bridges, depicting the correlation between modernity and the culture of the past.
And caused the two buildings to be connected and closely related


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