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Car Care Coffee Shop

mesealeen pilapil
Technological Institute of the Philippines-Manila (TIP-Manila) and Quezon City (TIP-QC) College of Architecture and Engineering

Idea projektu

We've been somewhere driving and going to the Car care or a coffee shop and somehow we think what could be the impression of the users in some coffee shop and specially car care some of the car care is just a simple industrial design while the coffee shop is more elegant and cozy , applying this a old antique industrial concept make a good impression and atmosphere to the users , this will provide them a simple modern style with the blend of industrial concept and a sustainable idea, with the used of metal gold facade it will create a good reflection for the car care coffee shop creating a cozy pleasant space while enjoying the atmosphere it will create a expensive style but not expensive and it is very affortable. For the car care the interior facade is not more reflective since the lights of the car is very sensitive in the eyes. The lighting idea is also a industrial fixtures which will match the concept and create a perfect combination between the interior and the lights providing a Big Glass window .This idea will give a good relaxation place of the owner of the car while enjoying there coffee .

Popis projektu

The idea of this Car Care Coffee Shop Industrial Interior Design is to create a good ambiance in interior where it create a oldish antique Car coffee shop applying sustainable idea , by putting a display of a modern car and a old car inside the coffee shop of the car care by displaying the old tires and plate number of a old car a different variety picture of car from 90s and to this era and providing a green small garden in the walls. That will give a perfect match and pleasant spaces.

Technické informace

Mainly used steel for structural and it's a perfect building for industrial the steel is very incredible vertale and very flexible, for the roofing the material is metal roofing , for the facade of the interior cutting edge zero impact is apply it is a high quality coating that allows the outdoor and interior create a good reflection , a metal gold facades create eye catching that can make the industrial car care coffee more attractive like oldish antique industrial coffee shop

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