Parabellum - STU faculty proposal

Andres Quevedo

Project idea

The main concept is to formalize a visually compelling element that is extruded from the inside of the main block and unifies the urban, architectural and interior through lines of force. A formal response opposed to its environment, which synthesizes the three elements of a project in an infinite and pure way. Adding a new volume recycling the construction elements already destined within the faculty, re-functionalizing in the new Parabellum.

Project description


Link the volumes in the synthetic form of the university, which can integrate the faculties of the students to offer a collaborative and integrated environment between the different programs of the university.


• Formalize a sphere whose diameter protrudes from the building
• The sphere must be diaphanous, translucent and icy with the opportunity to clearly see the outside.
• It will have bridges that connect the central floor of the sphere with the perimeter volumes
• The ground floor will be open-plan and translucent
• The landscape must have the module of the sphere
• The interior must have a ramp and inclusive access
• The interior will be marked with colors depending on the program
• Maintain most of the laboratory building
• Invasive nature
• High-Tech, organic futurism


Define the interiors in a mono-material with a two-tone approach, which evolves through the rampled route with the levels demarcating the uses of the plant in order to facilitate the meeting of the different student areas.
The façade will be a morphodynamic solution that will mark a visual axis towards the central sphere in order to recognize the central volume, in turn the dividing grids will form the furnishings of the landscape, modifying in turn the topography to promote the dynamic environment of the faculty .

Technical information

The composition focuses on the core of the university, a new volume that drives the functions of the university with its inner and outer edges. A new urban function center.
The proposal has to provide a comprehensive student center a space in which students and researchers can share their work and development. What should materially be found in this space? A linking space will be composed of the ease of community, comfortable, very flexible in uses and that can contain the greatest capacity of people in a state of development (research), therefore the proposal of 4000m2 of integrating space would have to be a open classroom center, with a degree of flexibility for the union of subjects, imagine this space as an opportunity for researchers to develop their research in the presence of students from different careers with a relative interaction between contents. It could be subdivided into a distribution of semi-open spaces in which the classrooms are arranged with a correlation between them based on subjects or programmatic contents that can be linked together, such as;
Automotive Mechatronics + Experience Research
Particular materials and physical construction materials
Computer Graphics + Photogenic and Lighting
Polymeric materials + metallic materials
Automotive + Biomedical + Nanotechnology
Biomolecular food + Proteins + Chemistry
Marketing + Design for everyone + Simulation and computing
The unification of fields by means of a colorimetric spectrum will allow the spatial location in the new university research nucleus.

The development of a module that has the possibility of offering different possibilities of use is crucial, for a space speciation the development classrooms are left out of the sphere.
At the tip of the sphere, adding two ramp areas, 1000m2 are unified with the function of exhibiting and showing what has been developed in the research fields, a semi-theater capable of having a dynamic in its exhibition, without entrances or exits that propose a new way of experiencing science.

The administrative areas will be located on two levels near the center of access to the sphere for ease of control, these will be seen in the middle for easy identification, in shades between gray and black with attacks of natural vermilion, blocks or walls are to to differentiate from their research centers. The intelligent material application will be able to highlight the uses, in addition to developing a guide system that can be applied to physical or interactive maps with graphics typical of the area and a soul full of color.

On the level of the terrace in the middle you will be able to find the exhibition space together with elevated recreation, immediately connected with the integration point by means of the bridges that are projected from the sphere. This space would also have a set of levels that would allow the contrast of the exhibitors to the spectators, the mesh on the roof also departes the volume.

The space for leisure, meditation and rest is on the projected B of the terrace, so that it is more private and can allow the correct rest of students and professionals

The passage through the food court, close to the development that will be carried out on the ground floor and the first floor that allows the union, together with the machine rooms, thus adding 1000m2 this proposal.

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