STU Campus Concept - Nature Taking Over

Dorota Skoroda, Patryk Podolak, arch. Magadalena Sulima, PhD - teacher
Białystok Technical University, (Politechnika Białostocka), Faculty of Architecture, Białystok

Project idea

The idea of our propos al is to bring nature into heavily urbanised, concrete-filled area of STU campus. This can be done by moving parking spaces underground, growing some fresh grass and trees, and using only natural materials such as wood. Places like this are more likely to be visited, it will help „heal” the sorrounding air and will simply look amazing.

Project description

Whole project is focused on huge wooden pergola that covers over the half of the contest area. It has many advantages, for instance it can cover you from extreme heat or rain and climbing greenery can grow on it and create healthy habitat for the students of STU campus. Moreover, the grass and trees underneath will create a feeling as you were in some quiet place like forest, not in the center of Bratislava.

Technical information

Wooden beams are cheap and easy to use material, so the pergola, though it has massive dimensions, can be build quickly and cheaply. Chucking the concrete urban floor of the area will be a noisy and hard venture, but all you have to do after is to plant some grass and trees. Nature will take over afterwards.

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