Highland park community center

Reem Omar
Dalhousie University (formerly Technical University of Nova Scotia) Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Project idea

the centre’s concept is inspired from the site context and the adjacent school form. In response to site context, the form of the new building resembles the school L shaped form in an abstract way by bending the walls to achieve free organic form and to give the inhabitants the feeling of the flow of design in the space. I started the Concept with a bubble diagram to explore the relationship between each program of the building and this derived me to the final form. And these are the concept development sketches.

Project description

The parti diagram shows that the form of the building is divided in to Three main zones .The lobby is the hearth of the building. it has the most special moment that one could experience once enter the space. It has access to every part of the building including the outdoor landscape workshop and the multipurpose hall and the upper level with organic form stairs.
The intentions was to design a welcoming space to all community members The building’s program includes a fitness centre, a community workshops, a day-care, a tennis court, a water park, and outdoor theatre. The day-care sector is located on the North side of the building with a sperate access, the two levels fitness centre is located on the east corner, and the community workshop zone is located on the southwest side of the building and is connected to the school with a pathway to serve the school activities as well.

The form and its position on site were determined to respond to the site context and the irregular topography condition and to be inviting to the community to explore. The site plan drawing illustrates the designed landscape around the building with Circulations and including gathering areas, Waterpark, courtyards outdoor theatre, parking. I provided conceptual renderings of the design relative to the urban space.
these levels are designed to connect the existing school to the building and to supports the idea of the flow.

Ground floor
The ground floor plan illustrates the building programs and the relationship between each program. The workshops are positioned closer the school because of its connection to the youth activity. The swimming pool is close to the waterpark area to support the Concept of the flow of design. I also provided renderings to the most important moment in the ground floor. The atrium in the lobby supports the idea of transparency and unity of the space.
Second floor Illustrates the second level of the fitness centre which includes the gym equipment area. And has access to the roof garden. With conceptual renderings

Technical information

the structure illustrated in section, And structural pattern and the mechanical system distribution pattern.

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